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Dogo Argentino kennel "Mary M.Style"

Dear friends!

We bring to your attention a professional kennel of Dogo Argentino "Mary M. Style"!

Dogo Argentino conquered our hearts with his dedication, intelligence, power and grace! This is a universal breed of dogs, which perfectly satisfies the fulfillment of any task. Dogo are used, both in hunting for a large beast, and in the police for caretaking, as guided dogs, bodyguards, and simply as companion dogs. Dogo Argentino will become a wonderful dog for your family and friend to you and your children. This breed is very inteligent and easy for training.

Our kennel is responsible for breeding dogo. The selection of a suitable combination of stud is carried out very carefully! In our kennel, only dogs that have a dysplasia test for the hip and elbow joint are permitted to breed.

Dogs from our kennel have been prizewinners of international exhibitions all over the world

Divina Beleza Mary M.Style - kennel "Mary M.Style"
Yanni House Milana - kennel "Mary M.Style"
Best dogo argentino kennel at the EDS 2017 - kennel "Mary M.Style"

We provide individual breeding advice, puppies, trousers, and also we will help to prepare your dog for the show!

Energy Holli Bob Mary M.Style

For all questions, write to us by e-mail

                                        or Mary Menchynska on Facebook




D.O.B. 14/02/2013

D.O.B. 29/04/2014

D.O.B. 24/09/2017

D.O.B. 28/03/2016

D.O.B. 22/09/2016

D.O.B. 8/04/2017

D.O.B. 26/07/2018

D.O.B. 30/07/2018

D.O.B. 6/09/2019

D.O.B. 14/01/2020

D.O.B. 18/07/2020

D.O.B. 28/05/2021

D.O.B. 9/02/2018

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