ОКД, ЗКС, BH, IPO/IGP-1,2,3...- these and other kinds of dog sports

BOAR test..- hunting test

 Pedigree database

You can find there pedigree of dogs, that was born, live or have puppies in Ukraine. 

Dear dog owners! If you can not find your dog in the database, please email us at ira.bushanska@gmail.com.
Specify the name of the dog and attach a copy of the pedigree.
                                                                                   Irina Bushanska

Пояснення, щодо позначок у родоводах собак :

- indicates the country where the dog comes from

 CH, JCH...- Champion, Junior Champion etc..

HD-A,B,C,D...-hip dysplasia test (normal hip A,B- hip with dysplasia С,D)

B.A.E.R +/+...+/-...-/-...- hearing test (+/+ completely hears, +/- partly hearing, -/- deafness)