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Dear dog owners! If you can not find your dog in the database, please email us at
Specify the name of the dog and attach a copy of the pedigree.
                                                                                   Irina Bushanska

тут ви можете знайти собак, які народилися, або проживають на території України

 Pedigree database


Пояснення, щодо позначок у родоводах собак :

- indicates the country where the dog comes from

 CH, JCH...- Champion, Junior Champion etc..

B.A.E.R +/+...+/-...-/-...- hearing test (+/+ completely hears, +/- partly hearing, -/- deafness)

ОКД, ЗКС, BH, IPO/IGP-1,2,3...- these and other kinds of dog sports

HD-A,B,C,D...-hip dysplasia test (normal hip A,B- hip with dysplasia С,D)

BOAR test..- hunting test

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